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Elim Industries began its operations in 2002 at the request of the Environmental Enforcement Division of a metro area located in North Central Texas.  Previously employed by Paradigm Engineering, Charles H. Payne was known for his extensive knowledge and abilities in the areas of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan development, Stormwater Sampling, Protocol Development, and Hazardous Materials Management, proving this in show-cause and other enforcement meetings with EPA and various municipalities including City of Dallas, City of Houston, City of Grand Prairie, TCEQ, and others.




Charles Payne received his B. S. in Agriculture Sciences in 1989 from Texas Tech University following the receipt of his A.S. in applied chemistry from Cisco Junior College in 1987.  As owner and president of Elim Industries Mr. Payne combines knowledge from a farm background, three years water and wastewater engineering, three years feed, function, and flow control engineering, five years industrial rendering and hygiene, with a process knowledge obtained by years assisting various facilities, municipalities, and industries with their environmental needs.  This gives Elim Industries a leadership that is equaled by none.



  Dallas Area Manager  

Allan Haugen received his A. S. in Engineering from Potomac State College in 1960 followed by his B. S. in Engineering Management from Dallas Baptist University in 1991.  As the Dallas Area Manager, Mr. Haugen brings an array of experience and understanding to Elim Industries in the areas of environmental compliance assistance, quality control, risk assessment, and engineering techniques.  Having worked with corporations like Kelly-Springfield Tires, General Dynamics, Powder Metallurgy, and others, Mr. Haugen has proven his commitment to providing clients with the highest in comprehensive assistance, inductive foresight, and deductive problem solving assistance.  This gives Elim Industries a foundation that is experience based.




Approval listed Environmental Compliance Assistance Company with the cities of Abilene, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, and others.
EnviroMentor with the TCEQ.
Certified 5 hour OSHA Safety Instructor.
Certified Black Mold Inspectors
Invited by Governor Perry to apply for the 2003 Environmental Excellence Award.
Certified Storm Water Construction Inspectors
Charles Payne, 2005 NRCC Business Advisory Council – “Businessman of the Year”
Elim Industries – Rated in the Top Ten percent of small business in America by Dunn & Bradstreet




Elim Industries is a leader in the development and implementation of regulatory strategies as specified by Texas Permits TXR050000 and TXR150000.  Elim Industries fully understands the exemptions some sites are afforded and desires to see these used. Our goal is to provide a clear concise interpretation of the regulations and prepare simple straightforward Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and accompanying materials that meet the ever changing demands of the facility while still meeting the present requirements of local, state and national environmental laws.



  Track Record  

Elim Industries track record is proven. We have successfully obtained TPDES discharge, city, as well as handling permits for both the industrial and construction sectors of business.  Elim Industries continues to operate only in the stormwater industry which means we are biasly focused on the ever changing requirements demanded by these regulations and how they are effecting the local government and our clients.




Our bias focus keeps us in contact with state, county, and city enforcement entities while working for our clients.  This allows us to communicate required changes during each inspection and inform clients of how trends can affect their operation.  Elim Industries performs periodical inspections, delivers reports, maintains and upkeeps the SWPPP, checks for sampling attainment, and provides training during these inspections.




Because our strategies and solutions work we have achieved and continue to nurture a productive relationship with the regulatory community at the federal, state, and local levels resulting in cost savings for our clients.



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